Care Team Organization

Establishment of Care Team Organization

Healthcare resources are always scare with all countries. At the same time independent efforts of running clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers etc. at the best can provide good medication but does not really address the basic issue related with overall health and well-being of the society. Treating sick patients is of course not sufficient to ensure wellness of the society.

In large countries we often see disparity of healthcare resources and often improper use also. Forget rural areas even in urban segment also we often see some hospitals crowded and some other without patients, same thing happens with clinics and diagnostic centers. This observation is regardless of business aspects. With other business this may not be a concern and can left to the business skills of individuals and organizations, but same cannot be done when human lives are involved.

Treatments cannot start at and only at hospitals. Developing countries need to have well defined Care Team Organization which includes Specialist Doctors, Family Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Pharmacies, and Healthcare Administrators.

Anik Technologies specializes in building large scale Care Team Organization which would connect lowest level of care point with the highest and would ensure that entire cycle of care management is followed. If the patient has come from the Primary Care physician not only he is treated well with Specialist or Surgeon but is sufficiently taken care by same primary care physician post discharge.