Chronic Diseases

Patient Care for Chronic Diseases

With an increase in cost of treatment and medication, healthcare organizations are made accountable for both quality and cost of healthcare. Consequently, there are new industry initiatives in developed and developing countries for healthcare. These initiatives require hospitals and physicians to actively focus on population health management, wellness management re-admission management and chronic disease management – different forms of care management.

An effective care management requires a robust technology framework-based approach that meets the objectives of all stakeholders across the care management lifecycle. To help organizations effectively address care management challenges, Anik Technologies offers a range of solutions and services for patient outreach, care co-ordination and relationship management:

  • Physician Engagement

    Physician portals, clinical gateways, care-coordination processes, mobile apps, evidence-based guidelines and clinical alerts.

  • Patient Engagement

    Patient portals, patient self-management and education tools, mobile apps for disease and wellness management.

  • Member and Disease Registries

    Pre-packaged disease registries, tools for population health management.