EHR Systems

Electronic Health Record Systems/ Practice Management

In the ever growing environment of medical practices and organizations greater adoption of electronic medical record technology, it has become increasingly challenging for doctors, administrators, and managers effectively adopt and adapt to the best available technological resources. Anik Health IT is committed to providing all the best resources to clients and will continue to provide relevant and impactful information and resources. Some of these include Work Comp Clinics (WCC) Network access, regulatory and reform updates, ICD-10 implementation, as well as forums and blogs to provide network members and Anik Health IT providers and users a medium for information exchange and continual product development and application.

Anik Technologies provides Practice Management Solutions and Electronic Health Records portal. Both of these solutions works in an integrated environment however EHR portal developed by the organization is also capable of getting plugged-in with any other Practice Management and Hospital Information system. This integration is very simple and does not really need any modification for third party software. The portal permits secured access of Electronic Health Records to Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Patients, Pharmacies and Health Insurance Companies. This interface is provided through Web, iPhone/ iPad Apps and Android Apps.

Anik Technologies integrates EMR software, medical billing, and appointment scheduling, and integrated document management tools into one powerful system. Designed for practices of almost any size, system can be installed on premise, on local servers, or cloud-based and can be accessed through any device connected to the Internet.

Solutions provided by Anik Technologies are fully customizable to meet the requirements, standard procedures and practices of any clinic, hospital and provider. Anik Technologies understands that all offices operate differently. The organization adapts approach to meet expectations and respect the unique circumstances of each business. Service codes, customer demographics, state mandated forms, pharmaceutical inventories, insurance company details and contacts can all be tailored to specifications of clients.

One of the most desired features of solutions provided by Anik Technologies is the ability to send reports and patient records automatically. FAX, email, Text Message or by use of a secure-portal, the system can send important information wherever it’s required. By choosing a preferred means of communication at the point of check-in, patients and various partners are provided the necessary information with minimal effort by clinicians.

Solutions is compliant with HIPAA and is certified to fulfill additional enforced security laws and codes of practice. Information is only available to authorized system administrator or Super Users and is measured by a nine level access structure. From ‘full access to ‘read only’ security requirements can be easily managed and would be entered during implementation.

The system not only allows physician access on the go, but the Client Portal is a secure terminal that allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers at all hours of the day and night. Imperative information is automatically made available to selected customers, vendors and insurance companies given assigned security access. Once the patient is checked out, information would be ready for use, including Doctor’s First reports, Work Status, Labs Results and other details chosen by the providers.