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Living Healthy is not difficult with help of 360 Health. With proper Life Style Healthy Living could be a reality which would not only bring happiness but will also save hard earned money.

360 Health takes simple inputs about your current life style and provides you a status of your current health through informative Health Card. Wherever necessary you are suggested with modification in life style with regular reminders to make that happen. You will also get useful Education Tools relevant to your way of living. These Education Tools are in the form of Video, Audio and Text.

You may not be aware but simple things like eating habits, physical activity, sleeping pattern, weight etc. have deep impact on overall health and wellbeing. 360 Health does scientific analysis for all of these and helps you to remain healthy.

The App also measures possibility for you to have certain Chronic Health Conditions like Diabetes, CVD, and CHD etc. and gives you preventive recommendations.

You may find yourself having some health conditions and facing difficulty to manage them. With 360 Health it is really easy to manage those conditions and prevent further deterioration.

360 Health is an essential tool for anyone willing to live Healthy.

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Download the Mobile App from your Android Phone or iPhone and be your own Health Keeper.

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