Total Care

360 Health is the healthcare model the masses need to control and treat their lifestyles in an effective manner.

It is as such the system which would facilitate implementation of the strategy defined by MOHFW to achieve objectives of addressing Non Communicable Diseases and Chronic Health Conditions.

Use of mass media, conducting camps, lectures etc. creates awareness about the subject but cannot deliver measureable outcome. 360 Health is the system which ensures implementation and provides measureable results.

360 Health is easy to implement system, which works on cloud with interface available for computers, tablets and smart phones.

With 360 Health we propose a 5 step strategy and a 3 module approach.

Strategy steps,

  1. Prevention through behaviour change.
  2. Early Diagnosis (Mention about Diabetes, CVD and CHD risk calculator)
  3. Treatment
  4. Capacity building of human resource
  5. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation.


  1. Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  2. Treatment and Life Style Changes for Patients
  3. Data Analysis, Evaluation and Evidence Based Treatment

360 Health Total Care interests Governments, Corporations, Insurance Companies, and more.

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