E 365 (Engage 365 days)

From childhood we are taught that Humans are social animals. In the process of being socially active over millions of years, we have reached an era of Globalization where we communicate with our known contacts from all over the world. Given this fact, Humans are losing the ability to stay in touch with the communities around them. The communities where they live and work. The communities to which they belong culturally. The broad sources of social media are becoming too general very quickly.

With E 365 we propose to bring members of specific communities together and provide a platform for their seamless engagement. E 365 tends to bring masses of similar interests together. It provides the facility to interact with each other, circulate notices and circulars, make announcements and communicate events with many more interesting features.

E 365 interests Residential Communities, Commercial Communities, Professional Bodies, Associations, Institutes, Cultural Groups, and more.

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R 365 (Retailing 365 days)

Mankind has passed through many different times. With that, industries have also seen some changes in dynamics. One such industry which has changed drastically in the recent times is the Retail Industry. Well, believe it or not Technology is shaping our lives more than we are shaping it.

With the recent outburst of Mobile Apps traditional Retail Businesses have been taking some serious blows. Some of them have changed the way they used to operate by adapting Technology but many of them haven't. There were many who couldn't survive and many who are finding it difficult to.

With R 365 we offer unique Retailing solutions customized to suit each business. Most importantly, R 365 empowers Retailers to do something in their business even on weekdays. It also allows Retailers to impress their present and prospective buyers with modern principles. Retailers can display their offerings, make announcements, define special and promotional offers, get in contact with potential and regular buyers by knowing their personalized trends with many more lucrative features.

R 365 interests Retailers in Fashion, Jewelry, Electronics, Furniture, and more.

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360 Health (Mobile App)

Living Healthy is not difficult with help of 360 Health. With proper Life Style Healthy Living could be a reality which would not only bring happiness but will also save hard earned money.

360 Health takes simple inputs about your current life style and provides you a status of your current health through informative Health Card. Wherever necessary you are suggested with modification in life style with regular reminders to make that happen. You will also get useful Education Tools relevant to your way of living. images These Education Tools are in the form of Video, Audio and Text.

You may not be aware but simple things like eating habits, physical activity, sleeping pattern, weight etc. have deep impact on overall health and wellbeing. 360 Health does scientific analysis for all of these and helps you to remain healthy.

The App also measures possibility for you to have certain Chronic Health Conditions like Diabetes, CVD, and CHD etc. and gives you preventive recommendations.

You may find yourself having some health conditions and facing difficulty to manage them. With 360 Health it is really easy to manage those conditions and prevent further deterioration.

360 Health is an essential tool for anyone willing to live Healthy.

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Download the Mobile App from your Android Phone or iPhone and be your own Health Keeper.

Paber (Mobile App)

Paber is your own Smart Document Wallet which facilitates capturing picture of documents and storing them in appropriate folders in a secured manner. With Paber you can have all important documents with you in cell phone and use them whenever needed without referring paper files. Importantly documents are stored in a secured environment in your own cell phone.

Using Paber you can capture and store documents like Driving License, Passport, UID Card, PAN Card, Income Tax records, Property details, Insurance documents, Health Records etc. In a hectic life we may need any of these records anytime and hence we need to have them handy.

Paber permits you to take an image of documents and store them under appropriate Folder and File. The App also gives powerful search feature to find any document you may need. These documents not only could be viewed but can also be shared securely through Email. You can select multiple documents while sharing them through email. The APP makes a single PDF file for all selected documents while sending them through email.

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Download the Mobile App from your Android Phone or iPhone and manage your documents.

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